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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Fall into Autumn

Hey everyone!

Its September now & it starts to get cold & you want jumpers instead of bikinis, scarves instead of shorts & boots instead of sandals! This post is pictures of things about fall/autumn! hope you like it! (all photos are from pinterest) 

Fall/Autumn coloured lipstick

Make-up ideas


Outfit Ideas
Its a time for onsies!

Halloween outfit!

I love the look of these... but will the apples still rot? Questionable.
Decoration - but would the apples rot?

Hot chocolate and fire places <3
Hot Chocolate

Fall autumn fashion inspiration

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pretty fall colors

This post was inspired by joni! (berry-crumble-xxx.blogspot.co.uk) she did a guest post for me when i was away, on tumblr pictures!

i hope you liked this post :)


Post Ideas

hey everyone! sorry i haven't posted for ages, i've been so busy with school & what not that i haven't had time to blog :( 

i have been struggling to think of posts to write about! please leave a comment below if you have any ideas because i neeed themm! haha

sorry this is such a short post!