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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Cosmopolitan Chic Style Challenge

Cioa peeps, so I was challenged to create outfits for a getaway weekend  in Vegas for the Cosmopolitan Hotel, from morning to lunch to evening. Here in England it is too cold and this just made me want to go on holiday even more in the blazing sun.

Morning Glory
Morning Glory
Cardigan~Topshop // Top~Topshop // Shoes~Office // Pants~Urban Outfitters // Bag~Urban Outfitters // Socks~Urban Outfitters // Mascara~Rimmel

Pondering around town
Coat~Farfetch // Top~Topshop // Jeans~Topshop // Watch~Olivia Burton // Boots~Timberland // Bag~Topshop // Nail Varnish~O.P.I

Beach Wear
Flannel Shirt~Topshop // Shorts~Levi's // Bikini~Scoop NYC // Sandals~River Island // Sunglasses~Topshop // Salt Texturing Spray~Toni & Guy // Tote Bag~Accessorize

Evening out
Evening Out
Coat~Topshop // Dress~Missguided // Clutch~Topshop // Ring~Pandora // Heels~Boohoo // Watch~Michael Kors // Eyeliner~Urban Decay // Perfume~Chloe

Sunday, 21 December 2014

London's Calling

Ciao, I recently went to Old Spitalfields Market to eat Wagamamas (of course) and then to Brick Lane to look at some vintage shops. 

Outfit: Coat~Mango Top~Hollister Jeans~Topshop Socks~New Look Boots~River Island Bag~Primark Choker~Ebay

I had a great time, unfortunately I couldn't find anything in the shops but next time hopefully I will. It was quite warm earlier that day but it did get colder later, it's obscure that the weather isn't cold enough yet for it to snow.

Photo credits to: Joni HERE and Lydia HERE 

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Saturday, 20 December 2014

Day Trip To France

Salut les amis, I recently had a petite break with my family, we went to Lille in France, we heard that the Christmas markets were good there so we thought we would check it out. When we arrived, it was very christmassy, with big trees, lights and all things sweet. We walked around the markets, there were so many, it felt like we were walking in circles, which were very festive and cute. They had everything from bath soaps to snow globes and  jewelry to slippers, anything you desire they've got it. 
After the busy markets, we went for lunch/dinner - linner - in a restaurant Brasserie De La Paix which is a seafood restaurant. It was so delicious and I was tres impressed. 
After, we had a look around the town and visited all the shops and little bakeries Lille had in store for us. One shop, there was only honey, chutney and jam filling the whole shop, ceiling to floor which was pretty amazing as there was so many flavours. There were many shops we went to looking at clothes and food, it's a very good place to go shopping. It started snowing! It was so cute and a very special moment as it highlighted that christmas is on its way! 
I had a great time looking at chocolate and spending time with family but I think it was a one day trip so I wont be going back in the near future but it is a really great place to shop. Next time it might be Paris...

Monday, 15 December 2014

Casually Put Together

Cioa peeps, I love the oversized urban outfitters top with  high-waisted black Joni jeans, I think they compliment each other so well. I got a new bag from new look and I love the gold detail but the only thing is the zips at the bottom don't actually zip, they are just there which is very deceiving. However, I do love black bags as they go with anything all year round - which is perfect! It is a quite big which I love so I can fit books and folders and other bits and bobs - excellent for school. Another thing that is slightly irritable is that it doesn't have a zip, so carry an umbrella,  just a single magnetic button which always pops out. Other than that, I love the shape and size so for me, its perfect! It was £25 which is a great price for a structured bag like this compared to H&M bags which are around £30 but are also as great!

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Being ill

Ciao, recently I have not been feeling great, all I've been wanting to do is curl up on my bed watching youtube videos with a warm cup of tea and letting myself sink deep into my mattress, this is what comes with winter and the cold. I've been listening to a lot of music to expand my variety of genres as well whilst revising which is going alright - I think.

Srsly true story. I always play/listen to music when I'm down. (or read books in a corner where no one will look for me)

I Can't Hear U Ear Buds by Friends: $36

I love this time of the year...The chill in the air that chills you to the bone and you need to cuddle with heavy socks on your feet and hot chocolate! This is totally me!!! !

Hot Chocolate Spoons #KraftEssentials #Shop #CBias These are awesome for party's wedding's shower's and ECT.......

Easy Gingerbread Man Recipe! I love it for eating AND decorating :) 

Last year for Christmas, my friend got me a hot chocolate spoon, I had heard of them before and I thought it looked obscure but I was very impressed by the results! At first I was apprehensive to use it in case I didn't use it properly but once I used it it was so delicious - I am definitely buying some this year. When I'm ill I have ginger cookies as ginger is meant to help with colds.

Such a good song by Nick Jonas! B-) #Jealous

the 1975- girls. i heard this song and band for the very first time the night before last... and now i'm absolutely obsessed.

Disclosure - You & Me (Flume Remix) | New Music

Darling I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream

Inline image 1

Inline image 1

If you're a fan of The White Stripes you'll love this. #NowPlaying "Figure It Out" by Royal Blood on http://LetsLoop.com/artist/royal-blood #Music

Beyonce 7/11

Here are a few artist and music I have been loving at the moment:  I'm really loving Nick Jonas' new album it is not like his old stuff with the Jonas Brothers, its more edgy and more grown up. I really love his remix with Tinashe its so good I could listen to it on repeat. Also, I have been listening to the 1975's album and its so relaxing to listen to when doing revision or just in bed. As well as 1975, Disclosure is another good band to listen to when you want to wind down. I'm loving Taylor Swift's new single Blank Space, it's so catching and it's on repeat constantly - and the man in the video is very fit! I had never heard of Years & Years before and I really like their song Desire which is so unforgettable and easy to listen to - I do sing out loud I'm not going to lie. Also, Thimbles is such a peaceful song as there is no words so you don't really need to concentrate on the words you can just listen to it and relax. In contrast, I've been loving Royal Blood which is quite different from my usual taste but I still really like the rocky vibe. Finally, Beyonce she is so great and I really loved the video for 7/11, it was so funny and just fabulous. 

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Saturday, 29 November 2014

Urban Outfitters Mini Haul//Must Be The Feeling

Ciao, I bought some clothes from UO recently and I had never bought any clothes from their website before and I was very impressed with the service and delivery, I just love there clothes, there is so much to choose from.

Staring at Stars Monochrome Intarsia Pull-On Skirt - £12
I really love this skirt, it is slightly woolly and its super comfy, I like were it sits and the wintery pattern. 

BDG Tri-Blend Boyfriend Tee - £5

I really love the bagginess of this top and its so casual and comfy. If I could wear a top everyday it would be this one! However it does crease easily.

Cooperative Ringer Tee - £15

I love the simple monochrome colours of the top, it sits just above my waist so it goes well with high-waisted and low rise jeans. 

Pins & Needles Lace Print Crop Tee in Grey - £12

This top is great for evening outings and I like the grey tones on the top which is perfect for autumn/winter time.

Hope you liked this petite haul!