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Saturday, 9 November 2013

How to have a perfectly styled hair whilst asleep

This is a real hard problem for me as I have wavy frizzy hair, so when I straighten it and I go to sleep, the next morning it's wavy and frizzy! 

Here are a few tips on keeping your hair perfect for the next day:

🌟 Your best bet will be to try and allow your hair to be laid as flat as possible while you sleep. 

🌟 Try sleeping with your hair arrayed around you on the pillow, so that the upper layers are less “mussed” by sleeping

🌟 Or perhaps you can use a neck pillow and position yourself so that your hair can hang over the end of the bed. 
Neither of these is a very good solution, particularly if you have a tendency to toss and turn in your sleep - like I do!

🌟 Marilyn Monroe and Bette Davis were famous for using satin pillowcases for their skin and hair. The cool fabric keeps your scalp from getting hot. Both satin and tightly woven silk (a natural fiber) pillowcases work to keep your hair from creasing and gaining static.
🌟 Loose braids and buns are the smartest way to save grooming time in the morning, and they keep strands from developing unwanted kinks and frizz. 
🌟 A loose bun helps keep a beach wave, even in stick-straight hair. For perfect waves, avoid tying ends too tightly with an elastic, otherwise you’ll see a noticeable crease in the morning.
🌟 If you tend to lie on your side, your hair can end up unevenly volumized. It only takes a second to blast  your roots with the blow-dryer to even things up. Hair tends to become oilier while you sleep, a blast of dry shampoo before heat styling.
hope this has helped you!xx


  1. Oh no, if you have lovely wavy hair you shouldn't straighten it, I would love a bit of wave in my hair!! But great tips though

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  2. I have super frizzy hair so thanks so much for posting this, very helpful!
    I have a new blog, come check it out? http://fantasypegicorn.blogspot.co.uk/

    Rebecca x

    1. Hehe no problem! Glad to help :) & ok will do

      Anna x