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Friday, 19 July 2013

Bliss & Curious Fox Competition

Helloooo everyone! 

i'm sorry i haven't posted in awhile but I've been busy with school & things at home & the weather has been so nice & I've been outside, sunbathing!

recently i won a competition from the bliss magazine to go to Westfields in Shepherds Bush with 2 friends - Lydia & Chloe, we got there 40 minuets early so we walked around, i have never been to the old one before & i loved it! finally it was time to meet the editor of curious fox & the competition organizer  when we met them they gave us £150 each!

then we went to get our nails done at Le Monde Nails! i hadn't got my nails done before i normally do it myself, so it was a great experience; i had to ask them questions about important tips on keeping your nails clean &healthy.

after our nails got done we went to Hershesons Blowdry Bar to get our hair done! i had mine straight & Chloe & Lydia had theirs curled - they looked amazing! i also had to ask them questions about hair. For lunch we went to Byrons which was delicious - its a burger bar! we were running late because we took to long on our hair, so we had 20 mins to eat our lunch! it was really good but cause we had to eat quickly i didn't feel so good after!

after lunch we went to Foyles bookstore for a picnic party, & we got a chance to meet the author of Diary Of A Mall Girl - Luisa Plaja! we chatted about her book & why she liked writing books & then we decorated cupcakes which was really fun & tasty...

so after all the excitement it was time to get shopping! 

we spent 4 hours shopping & we didn't even go on the ground flour! so i will have to go back :)

Me (middle), Lydia (left), Chloe (right)
Outside Westfields before all the excitement:

My outfit:

Top-river island sale £6.30 (it was actually £7 but it had a foundation mark so we got 10% off, it came out in the wash so I didn't mind)

Skirt-topshop £25

Shoes-converse £42

I had an accessories bag but you can't see it!

Getting my nails done :)

I don't know why I choose this colour! Maybe cause it was quite vibrant? I don't know! But at least I didn't get in trouble at school!

Afte we got our hair done!

Meeting the author of Dairy of a Mall Girl!

My bag is on the floor!

Cupcakkkkkesssss! Yumm

I don't remember which one mine was but I think it's top right?!

When the day was almost over (then its shopping time)
                  My mum, me, lydia, chloe!

On my next post I will blog about what I bought, I didn't spend all the money because we have a whole year to spend it so I thought I would save it!

What would you spend £150 on?


  1. you look so lovely and i'm so sad i couldn't come but glad you had a good time!

  2. literally love nutella, your blog is super cute :) Would you like to follow eachother:)? Let me know xx


    1. Thanks! I really like your blog too! Yeahh we should follow each other & we should do a button swap, if you want to? & sorry for the late reply!

      Thanks again

      Anna :)

  3. Thank you & me too but your mums wedding is way more imporant & glad that you had an amazing time! :)