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Friday, 2 August 2013

GUEST POST: tumblr inspiration

Anna is away for two weeks at the moment, so i agreed to guest post on her blog. I am another teen blogger; i blog at Berry Crumble (go check out my blog pleaseeeee)

I was really stuck for ideas on my guest post - i always find guest posts hard to do as i never know what to post..,.ootds dont seem right and neither do reviews as you come to anna's blog to see anna's style or anna's opinions, not mine! I decided to do a tumblr inspiration post because these posts are pretty universal, at least i think they are (everyone likes looking at nice pictures, right?) I have done another of these sorts of posts on my blog a while back - if you want to check it out click HERE

none of these photos are mine, and are all sourced from tumblr. i dont have the original links, but if you go to my tumblr i have reblogged them all in the last month or two, so you can find their sources.

I hope you liked this post & these photos,

love joni


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  1. Nice photos!!