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Saturday, 1 November 2014

Topshop Jeans//Crush On You

Previously, in an other post, I couldn't decide which Topshop jeans to purchase! At the weekend I went to my local store and I looked for Leigh jeans but they didn't have my size (28W and 30L if you were wondering). So whilst I was trying on anything I could get my hands on, my dearest mother was running around the shop finding the right size or the right colour etc. 

In the end I bought two Joni jeans, I was advised to purchase Leigh jeans but again they didn't have my size, which was annoying because I that was the only day I was free and I wanted to try them on instead of ordering them online, even Mom jeans didn't fit - it was bound to happen to me - which was a shame because they were so nice and on trend at the moment. 

Also, I love the ripped jeans its really edgy and with the right outfit it could be grungy, casual or dressy look - which is super handy cause whenever I get new clothes I wear them to death and I get sick of them, but as I got two pairs, hopefully I won't get bored haha, and I will definitely be wearing many different outfits with these jeans. 

It was brilliant weather when I took these photos, especially in this time of the year! 

MOTO Black Joni Jeans 



Top ~ Yumi
Jeans ~ Topshop
Boots ~ River Island

I love my tropical toucan top, it reminds me of summer and I can still wear it in autumn/spring time! These Joni jeans are super comfy and stretchy! 

MOTO Sulphur Joni Jeans 




All photos my own.
Coat ~ Dorthy Perkins 
Top ~ Forever 21 Jeans ~ Topshop Boots ~ Doc Martins
I love my forever 21 crop top, I wore it all summer and I thought as the weather is still a bit sunny I might as well wear it! The ripped Joni jeans are also super comfy and I have to say that I did put my foot through the knee holes a few times! I still love my doc martins even though they are a few years old!

Let me know what you think about these outfits!