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Monday, 15 December 2014

Casually Put Together

Cioa peeps, I love the oversized urban outfitters top with  high-waisted black Joni jeans, I think they compliment each other so well. I got a new bag from new look and I love the gold detail but the only thing is the zips at the bottom don't actually zip, they are just there which is very deceiving. However, I do love black bags as they go with anything all year round - which is perfect! It is a quite big which I love so I can fit books and folders and other bits and bobs - excellent for school. Another thing that is slightly irritable is that it doesn't have a zip, so carry an umbrella,  just a single magnetic button which always pops out. Other than that, I love the shape and size so for me, its perfect! It was £25 which is a great price for a structured bag like this compared to H&M bags which are around £30 but are also as great!

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