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Saturday, 20 December 2014

Day Trip To France

Salut les amis, I recently had a petite break with my family, we went to Lille in France, we heard that the Christmas markets were good there so we thought we would check it out. When we arrived, it was very christmassy, with big trees, lights and all things sweet. We walked around the markets, there were so many, it felt like we were walking in circles, which were very festive and cute. They had everything from bath soaps to snow globes and  jewelry to slippers, anything you desire they've got it. 
After the busy markets, we went for lunch/dinner - linner - in a restaurant Brasserie De La Paix which is a seafood restaurant. It was so delicious and I was tres impressed. 
After, we had a look around the town and visited all the shops and little bakeries Lille had in store for us. One shop, there was only honey, chutney and jam filling the whole shop, ceiling to floor which was pretty amazing as there was so many flavours. There were many shops we went to looking at clothes and food, it's a very good place to go shopping. It started snowing! It was so cute and a very special moment as it highlighted that christmas is on its way! 
I had a great time looking at chocolate and spending time with family but I think it was a one day trip so I wont be going back in the near future but it is a really great place to shop. Next time it might be Paris...

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