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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Dinner outside...

It's been really hot this week, which is great as its always cold & rainy!! So my mum made me & my sisters a great dinner.

We had pasta with corn & cod!!
I had a salad cause i'm the only one in my family that like it, with a french dressing on - posh!

I enjoyed the rest of the evening by reading a book called Adorkable by Sarra Manning. Its about a girl called Jeane, who doesn't really fit in with people at school & she dresses really weirdly, her boyfriend doesn't like her anymore & likes a girl called scarlet who is so pretty but she is going out with the most popular boy in school, Micheal! so why does Jeane & Micheal keep snogging when they hate each other?

Anna x


  1. i love pasta its my fave food ever! I LUV LUV LUV YOUR BLOG:) PLEASE CHECK MINE OUT XXX

  2. I love pasta toooo!! Thank youuu & will do. i really appreciate that you like my bloggg xxx

    1. Ella San Pierno6 June 2013 at 04:44

      i love your blog im actually your biggest fan i swear...you've inspired me to start one, i'll let you know the url when i finish it then maybe you can follow, it would mean everything if you followed aw i just love your blog please dont think im a freak xxxxxx

  3. haha i dont think your a freak, its cute & im glad you like my blog! i will follow you as soon as you tell me what it is xxxx