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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Secrets to a successful sleepover

Chloe, Anna and Lydia
As today's the official start of summer, and the three of us are having a sleepover, we thought we'd give you our tips on a successful sleepover! Enjoy;

1. Photos
So the first key to an awesome sleepover is pictures. The funnier/weirder, the better! Ipads, cameras, computers or just anything that has a camera is fine, just grab your friends and snap the photos! Filters finish the pictures perfectly and here are a few of the ones we've taken:

2. Films
chick flicks are always the best films to watch with your buddies!! 
  • one of our favourites is mean girls... we know all the words back to front & on our tops! haha. 
  • we also like wild child & its a really funny film that is really great to watch with ya gurlss. 
  • pitch perfect is another great film to watch, its funny & has a great cast! 
  • angus thongs & perfect snogging is so funny & its a really girly film! 
  • mamma mia is a perfect sing-along film which will get you in a the mood for a PARRRTAYYY
  • 21 jump street is not really a chic flick but its an action & comedy film with the cutest cast (channing tatum)
3. Food
basically, you need to get the most sugary sweets ever!! haha. 
  • popcorn-sweet,salty
  • sweets-strawberry laces, fizzy fangs, cola bottles, haribos, flying saucers
  • chocolate-buttons, galaxy, wipsa, milky way
  • cok,pepsi,lemonade
  • smores
  • marshmallows
  • hot chocolate
  • crisps-doritos 

4. Outfits

My sleepover essential is a good pair of pj's (or if everyone has one, a onsie!) With the photos and make-up, your pajamas need to look just as fabulous! I always wear an old top with a cheeky pair of bottoms, which last night had monkeys on. Anna and Chloe opted for the shorts and vest option, which is very good for when we are partying to our party shuffle!
The morning after the sleepover is just as important, since where we were going to see people from our primary we had to dress to impress. I wanted to show people that i am a lot more fashionable then 11 year old me!
Anna is wearing; A Hollister top, jeans from new look and a barbour jacket complete with a pair of vans
Chloe is wearing; Jacket from primark, top from primark and leggings from sainsburys and to finish it off she is wearing new look black boots
I am wearing; jeans from M&S (posh stuff) and a sweater from H&M with a vest top underneath from primark. I am wearing it with my customized converse.

5. Playlists
Robin Thicke and Pharell- Blurred Lines
Eve- Tambourine
Avril Lavigne- Here's to never growing up
Miley Cyrus- Party in the USA
Macklemore- Can't hold us
Kanye West & Jay Z- In Paris
Ke$ha- We R who we R
Icona Pop- I love it
Rudimental- Feel the love


  1. I love this post! such a good playlist! I'd add "thrift shop" by Macklemore! haha
    thanks for commenting on my blog! I just followed you :)

    Katie xx

    1. Thanks & yeahh that's a good song too! & its okk :)

      Anna xx

  2. haha amazing post- this is such a good idea! and mamma mia is the best film ever! xx

    1. thank you! & it is a really good film!

      anna xx