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Thursday, 6 June 2013

New Jacket

I ordered a new jacket from asos which my friend joni recommended. Its £38 which is £10 cheaper than Topshop & it looks so much nicer! I'm going to wear it to the summertime ball this sunday, and im going with joni, lydia and chloe. I'm going to wear it with a floral skirt, like shown in the picture but blue & a lace holister top with blue vans...

what do you normally wear to a concert?Xxx


  1. haha, i love that jacket! I'm wearing a pinafore, and probably my blazers or converse...but i don't know what top:( I might wear my flower hairband too! dfjknjklrmskln I CANT WAITTTT xxx


    1. I love it tooo!!! & your pinafore is soo cute... i cant wait either xxxx

  2. Gorgeous jacket! I'm also a huge fan of floral prints so I adore your skirt.
    I hope you have a great time!

    Kathryn x

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