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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Race For Life... Heroes wear trainers!

Hello everyone!
I did race for life this morning at 11 o'clock! 11 o'clock on a Sunday - i don't know how i did it!! its the first time I've done it so i was a bit nervous.

me & my sister Sophia & her friend Alannah & her mum Michelle & my mum & her friend Barbara all ran, jogged or walked 5k.

it was held in Trent park & there is loads of events also happening around the country that you could get involved with. there was loads of stalls to look at & there was a big stage were people danced to help us warm up, it was great fun. there was lots of people (around 5,000) & we all had something in common; to help beat cancer.

there was three sections you could go in, running, jogging or walking, me & my mum went into the jogging section.

i don't know what position i came but my time was 34:00 minuets!! i was really pleased plus i beat my mum hehe...

Cancer has effected many peoples lives including mine & its a great thing to do & i will definitely be doing it next year!

A medal you got when completing the race (we also got a bottle of water & a jam croissant) 

me & my mum after the race! i look so tired haha

thank you everyone who has sponsored me! me & my sister raised £100 but i have more to collect...

Anna xxx


  1. Replies
    1. Aw thanks! We all have to do it next year xx

  2. aw well done, 34 minutes is an amazing time! xxxxx

    1. Thank you!! We all have todo it next time :)

  3. Well done! I can barely get out of bed most days never mind doing a marathon haha. Thanks for commenting on my blog! In love with your blog name hehe :P x

    1. Thank you & it was really hard to get up that morning haha & it's ok!!
      & thanks xx