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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

I'M BACK//Beach Waves

Hey everyone, I know that I have not been blogging but I'm determined to keep it going! The thing is i love doing it but things get in the way and especially school work as I'm now in my final year and I'm going to try and post once a week, starting today! Whoop... 

Beach Waves

I know it's late but hay hoe! On holiday, my hair normally goes smoother than at home, which is a bonus and my hair was really wavy but I bought some salt spray at the airport. This saved myself from shaving my hair off: 
Toni & Guy Casual Salt Spray - £7 (around)
So many people have been raving about this and it is so worth it! As well as this, I currently use:
L'Oreal Studio #TXT Wave Creating Spray 150ml
L'Oreal Texturing Spray - £4 (200ml)
Its great, it makes my hair wavy and less frizzy which is fabulous!

Hope you liked this post!