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Sunday, 5 October 2014

Topshop Jeans

Hey! Now its autumn and I need new jeans asap and I cannot pick! 
Which ones are the best? What pair do you have?

Joni and Leigh jeans are very popular so I picked a few that I considered buying (and also I can't pick what colour - I need help)...
MOTO White Wash Joni Jeans
MOTO White Wash Joni Jeans - £36
I LOVE these, they are white and high waisted! They look super comfy and I will be going to my local store and trying them on.
MOTO Sulphur Grey Leigh Jeans - GREY
MOTO Sulphur Grey Leigh Jeans - £38
These are so on trend at the moment and they are really cute with the rip directly on the knee which adds an edgy feel and I don't have any dark grey jeans! Also, I really like the sulphur!

MOTO Vintage Wash Mom Jeans
MOTO Vintage Wash Mom Jeans - £40
I know everyone has pretty much has a pair apart from me! Whoop - go me! I'm always so slow at buying things on trend haha! I really like the colour of these ones and I like how casual they are, and the fact you can wear them with ANYTHING!

MOTO Intense Blue Joni Jeans
MOTO Intense Blue Joni Jeans - £36
I love the dark colour of these jeans and I think that they will look great in the autumn/winter months! 

Let me know what you think because I cannot decide! agh help       


  1. Hey there :)
    Tbh I've not been too impressed with the joni jeans. I find they lose their shape easily and turn quite baggy. I do really like mom jeans with a nice wooly jumper at this time of year and the leigh jeans are just generally really useful normal good jeans to have.

    Jen x

    1. Thank you for the tips! :)

      I will write a post on which ones I buy!

      Anna xx

  2. Love this post! I defo love Joni jeans the most, they go with anything! Xxx